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Ready to Ship - Silicone Face Ball #1
Ready to Ship - Silicone Face Ball #1
Ready to Ship - Silicone Face Ball #1

Ready to Ship - Silicone Face Ball #1

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This is a ready to ship item, meaning that it is in stock and I will ship it as soon as possible once it is ordered. This is shipped as shown. It will ship as soon as possible.

This listing is for one (1) silicone face ornament.

These grisly display items are certainly bizarre and will stand out among your other holiday ornaments. They depict a ball made from the skinned face of some unfortunate soul, sewed together roughly and prepared to hang about your holiday tree, dungeon, cave, cannibal hut, or anywhere you call "home". Use them as hanging ornaments, juggle balls or something to throw at people who annoy you.

Each ornament is constructed by wrapping a silicone cast face around a 3 in. firm foam ball, adhering it with blood colored silicone, and then sewed up with waxed thread. Each ball is also given a simple loop at the top of the head for you to be able to hang the ball with for decoration. Each face ball weighs anywhere between 3 and 6 oz.

The face balls are fairly sturdy to toss around back and forth or to even juggle with. The inside is firm foam, but the outside of the ball is made from a soft silicone skin which is very nice to hold with a hand. They would not hold up well to being hit with anything hard like a bat, so no baseball with the face balls...