Because of the COVID-19 lockdowns in my area, and the fact that I am super susceptible to the worst effects of this virus, I am having trouble shipping items out at the moment, which means all orders will be delivered later than anticipated. Sorry for the trouble.

Ready to Ship - DeHuman8 Silicone Zombie Mask

Ready to Ship - DeHuman8 Silicone Zombie Mask

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This is a ready to ship item, meaning that it is in stock and I will ship it as soon as possible once it is ordered. This is shipped as shown. Note, Etsy shipping will say est. 4-6 weeks. This is not the case. It will ship as soon as possible.

This is a Dehuman8 standard zombie mask with the "Old/Little Blood" painting option. Here is the description from the normal listing:

The Zombie DeHumanVIII mask is a zombie version of the popular "DeHumanVIII" severed face mask and has the appearance of a risen zombie who has had bites on his face, his lower lip torn off and other zombie related wounds all over his face. You can choose from a few different coloring options for your zombie when you purchase yours. Each mask is handmade and unique, as no two paint jobs will ever be the same.

All of the masks made in this shop are made from a durable skin-like silicone, not latex like you might find in most costume shops. Unlike latex, silicone won't degrade in the sun, dry out over time or lose its color.

This silicone has lots of stretch, and to prevent tearing the mask has embedded anti-tear fabric around the outside edge as well as the corners of the eyes and the mouth. The coloring is all done with pigmented silicone, so it will never rub off or fade. The bloody details will always look wet! If your mask starts getting dull from dirt or dust, simply rinse off your mask in water, and it will be restored to new.

The mask will come with strapping holes pre-cut and enough black stretch-strapping and instructions on how to adjust the strapping to fit your head.

To ensure a more comfortable fit, please select a mask that has similar measurements to your own face or is slightly larger. To find your own measurements, use a cloth measuring tape (or pieces of string that you can measure afterwards) to get the width from just outside your left eye to just outside of your right eye. For your height, measure from just under the tip of your chin to the center of your eyebrows. (run the tape to one side of your nose)

The measurements of the "Zombie DeHumanVIII" mask are: 6in. width and 5.5in. height.