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Cthulhu Friends
Cthulhu Friends

Cthulhu Friends

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Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Boy, doesn't that bring back memories... Childhood spent by remote barren lakes, living in a desolate wood with my family, feeding off the bounty of the twisted and mutated things we'd pull from the swamp pits out back. We'd chant this homage to Great Cthulhu while sacrificing the latest stranger who'd wandered across our paths... I remember wishing that I could carry a little bit of the Great Old One in my pocket to keep me safe from all of the terrors of the night, and my dreams. 

Well, now you can! These little "Cthulhu Friends" are incredibly cute and squishy while still linking you to the great sleeping madness beneath the sea. Even better, these little guys are made from a super soft silicone and are tinted with black light reactive pigments, meaning that black light will make them glow!

Bring a little Cthulhu into your life and get a few different colors of the Great Old One to watch over you while you sleep. 

Great and Terrible Cthulhu commands you to collect them all!... else face the horror of being slowly and maddeningly eviscerated by His children while next you relax by a body of water... 

Yaaay Cthulhu Friends!